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Sandra Irene nee Joyce
Mum me and you I love you ??????????
Happier time's my love,before the A bomb, that changed everything...

Originally printed on April 1, 2021 in the Islington Gazette.
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November 27th 1945 - March 31st 2020. Life was never easy for you my love but, no one can hurt you now. The strength you had and the pain you suffered in various forms was unbelievable and not appreciated by anyone, including me. The problem being you never complained enough to the right people and it was taken for granted that you could cope with all the ups and downs you endured in your life. You deserved more from my life my love, a lot, lot more. I love and miss you so much, as the song goes "How do you mend a broken heart" you can't. "For bad practice to thrive, all it takes is for good practitioners to stand back, and do and say nothing." "Who protects us" from them, you suffered 5 years of total incompetence and you paid the ultimate price for their arrogance. If only they had listened, you would still be here today my love. "You're the best thing that ever happened to me", you are and always will be, my love, my beautiful girl. Rest easy my love, you earned it. Always your Danny. Sorry about your name not on headstone? as we predicted "Aimee Lei e diventata nera BCMM"

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To my beautiful mum ??????????

Claire Maloney

09 April 2021
To my dear mum it's now been one year since you passed away and left us mum life isn't and never will be the same without you they say time heals mum I don't believe that mum I miss you as much as the day you passed and I know I always say it mum but I just wish I could see your face and hear your voice just one last time I love ♥️ you mum ♥️ you rest now in peace god 🕯️ bless you mum love ♥️ always Claire


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