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Originally printed on May 6, 2011 in the East Anglian Daily Times.
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Alison CHALLIS-CHANDLER , aged 37. Beloved only child of Valerie and the late Alan, beloved partner of Colin Chandler. Lost her life tragically riding her motorcycle in Ipswich on Thursday 28th April, 2011.

The celebration of her life took place at West Suffolk Crematorium, Risby at 3.45 on Thursday May 12th. Bright colours were the order of the day. There were no hymns, just music and songs that she loved. Her woven willow casket was draped in white lilies and white roses. Just over one hundred friends/family attended.

You can see from this page how much she was loved and is sadly missed. She will always be remembered for the love she gave to everyone who was lucky enough to know her.

A bright star no longer shines, I her partner Colin, will make sure her memory and spirit will live on. I will miss her and love her until the day we are united together on the other side. With out her, I am half the person I was, we were soul mates, my grief for her will never end, Her only wish in death is that she would always be remembered.

Alison's tribute website is at


http://lifewithoutali son.

My Email. colinjohnchandler@ya

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Chris Millward

03 April 2014
Thinking about you and Colin today! Hope you are having a blast where ever you are. Say hi to Malcolm!

Two and a half years.

Colin Chandler

31 October 2013

Two and a half years Alison, how can it be so long without you by my side. I have taken some big steps in the last few months, but my grief never goes. Not a day goes by without you in my thoughts, the pain of missing you is always there, even though I know you are close by in spirit.

I will keep pushing forward to make you proud, but the longing for you will make my journey slow.

I love so much Alison, you are still my world and always will be until we are together again in spirit.



Two years!

Colin Chandler

29 April 2013

How can it be Alison, two years, yet it seems only yesterday you were here.

Had friends around to remember you yesterday, it was a lovely evening and an emotional evening.

Today I am at a loss again, where do I go from here? just try and get on with life I have done the last two years, I guess.

But it is so hard, but I will do it for you angel.

Love you always, one day we will be together again.



Happy Birthday

Colin Chandler

03 April 2013

You would have been 39 today, just can't believe your not here to celebrate your birthday together. Your forever in my heart and thoughts Alison and that will never change until we are together again. Love you for eternity Colin XXXX

We miss you, Alison.


26 December 2012

Peace be with you.

2nd Xmas

Colin Chandler

25 December 2012

Can't believe it is the second Xmas without you Alison, you loved Xmas so much.

Missing your more than ever.

Love you always my Angel.



Nineteen months today.

Colin Chandler

28 November 2012

Nineteen months today Alison, seems like only yesterday you where here with me. Still cant believe your not here, doubt I ever will.

Every moment of everyday I miss you more.

Love you Angel



Sixteen months today.

Colin Chandler

28 August 2012

Sixteen months today Alison, how is it possible we have been physically apart for so long and will continue to be until the day I join you.

Your always in my heart and soul and never out of my thoughts, the pain of missing you goes on. Love you until eternity babe.

Colin XXXX


Colin Chandler

28 June 2012

I miss you so much my Angel, always in my thoughts and my heart.

I am so heartbroken, but know your now with your Daddy who you missed so much.

Mummy Valerie


Fourteen months.

Colin Chandler

28 June 2012

Fourteen months to the day Alison. I can't believe I have been without you for all that time.

Each day, from the moment I wake to when I go to sleep, you are constantly in my thoughts. I miss you more than ever baby, life will never be the same again, but I'm trying to be strong for you. My love for you is eternal.



A year today.

Colin Chandler

28 April 2012

A year today Aly, so unbelievable that your not here. There is never an hour I'm not thinking of you and there are not enough words that can say how much I miss you. My life was shattered into pieces when you were taken, I am only now starting to get some of those pieces back into place, but some pieces have been lost forever, I can never get them back. Your memory and spirit lives on in me. I love you so much Aly, rest in peace Angel, I will be with you again one day. Colin XX

R.I.P Brave lady

Teri Whitehouse

28 April 2012

May you rest peacefully

Love Teri

Deeply missed by all who knew you...

Steve Pringle

07 April 2012

A stranger can feel the loss too

RIP Alison

Nine months

Colin Chandler

28 January 2012

Nine months today, it is unbelievable you have gone, missing you every minute of every day. My life is so empty without you, love you so much.



Facing the New Year without you.

Colin Chandler

01 January 2012

Alison my darling, I'm now facing the new year ahead without you. The first year you will not have existed, that is so hard to comprehend. I'm lonely for you and so empty, there is no justice to how you were taken so young and so tragically. You know your always in my thoughts and my heart. Love you until my last breath.



Our first Christmas apart.

Colin Chandler

26 December 2011

My darling, our first Christmas apart, how hard it has been, but I have got through the day hoping your proud of me holding it together, with just a few tears!.

Missing you is far more intense now, I long for you everyday but know I can't have you, I still cannot except your not here physically, I hang on to the belief your with me in spirit and that we will be together again one day on the other side, please wait for me.

Love you so so much and miss you more than can ever be put into words.

Love for always until my last breath on this earth.

Colin XXXX

God bless you.

Paul Hartley

11 December 2011

I didn't know you. But feel your spirit through Colin. Lots of people are praying for your family. There are no speed limits in heaven.......Ride well.

my thoughts are with u,

teresa tennant

03 December 2011

from a biker to a biker ,rest in peace.x

Seven months today.

Colin Chandler

28 November 2011

My angel it is seven months today that you were taken from me. Still unbelievable your not here. I hope where ever you are, your at peace and happy. You are missed more than I can put into words. I long for you, but know I can never have you again, just my memories is all I have. I still cry for you and not a minute goes by that your not in my thoughts. Love you forever more Alison.



Six months

Colin Chandler

28 October 2011

Six months to the day, since you were taken from me. I miss you so so much Alison, the void left in my life can never be filled, but you are never out of my thoughts from one minute to the next. You always said that if you died you would want to be remembered, well you are by so many, I am making sure you will never be forgotten, rest in peace my Angel.

Colin XXXX


Dawn Hardy

28 September 2011

I didn't realise it was exactly five months today but for some reason I have thought of Alison several times today and just decided to light a candle tonight. I just wanted to say that, even to those who did not properly know you, you are not forgotten. Nor is Colin. Peace to you both.


Five months today.

Colin Chandler

28 September 2011

My darling, it is five months today that you were taken from me. How I have got this far without you, I don't know. Every day the pain of losing you is in my heart and soul.

I still cry for you everyday, I can't help it, I'm not just crying for the loss, but also for all the things you have missed out on and the plans you had. Your energy was amazing and you would have done so much this summer.

The silence in the house is deafening, I miss you so much. Be at peace baby, love you for ever.



Missing you

Colin Chandler

04 September 2011

My baby I'm missing you so much, today has been really hard, I'm constantly longing for you, but know I can no longer have you, that just tears at my heart. Thinking of you always my angel.

Love for ever



Over four months

Colin Chandler

16 August 2011

It is over four months now, I am trying so hard to be strong, but I have times when the missing and longing for you overwhelm me, getting through the day is one thing, but the evenings without you are really hard to get through. They have now finally removed the dead flowers at the crash site, but a drinking glass remains, so will keep that filled with fresh flowers.

My love always



Deeply moved by your love

Dawn Hardy

11 August 2011

You clearly had something special. To be robbed of it is devastating. It can never be replaced. But the fact that it even existed is a cause for happiness. Remember the good times all your life. Remain together in those memories. Dawn x

Colin Chandler

21 July 2011

13 weeks today.

I so so love you Alison and miss you with so much pain in my heart.

Be close to me where ever you are.



3 Months

Colin Chandler

15 July 2011

3 Months without you. The pain is getting deeper. Not a minute goes by without me thinking of you, how can this be that your not with me, I really feel I will die of a broken heart.

My love for you always darling



Two months

Colin Chandler

24 June 2011

Can't believe it is two months since you passed Alison. I miss you more than ever and have to drag myself through each day. Life is empty and as the weeks go by I can only think of all the time we have lost being together. Thinking of you every minute of the day.

Love Colin

More condolence messages

Colin Chandler

14 June 2011

Alison was genius in electronics/ computers and made a big impact with her knowledge and helpfulness within the world of Atari.

Here is the link to all those messages of condolence on the Atari forum also her own computer website.



Life is so empty

Colin Chandler

10 June 2011

My life is so empty with out you Alison, I will love and worship you for ever.

Your loving partner


Lost friend

Jon Elson

25 May 2011

I've just heard this dreadful news. We were great friends for years - meeting while working at Bury Sainsbury's and after that before sadly losing touch. I have lots of fun and happy memories of you and will drink a toast to you tonight. My love to your family RIP.



12 May 2011

Dear Alison may you rest in peace. You were an absolute star and will be greatly missed. Lucy xx

I miss you so much


09 May 2011

Oh Aly,

I miss you and I am so sad. I only knew you for a brief few years and so wish it had been much, much longer.

You had a huge positive impact on my life (I'll always hear you saying "oh, get a grip!") Yes, you are right ;-)

I will always remember you.

Mish. x

Everyone at Atari-Forum will miss you.

Lonny Pursell

08 May 2011 com/watch?v= Hx4RsCfL_fA

One of a kind

Tommy Jonaeson

08 May 2011
I want to convey my deepest condolances. To Alison, I knew you for many years. We shared a common interest, you and I. Atari. From time to time, we talked a lot over the internet. Mostly "shop", but also things on a more personal level. We never met IRL, oh, how I regret that today I'll always remember you as the helpful, kind person that you were. I know you sometimes had doubt in yourself, but you truly were a remarkable woman, knowledgeable, talented, productive. You will be sorely missed in the Atari community, and especially among everyone who truly understood your wonderful work with hardware. Rest in peace, dear Alison. Tommy 'Greenious' Jonaeson



07 May 2011

I can't believe such a lovely and promising spark has ended. Her spark was so intense, and yet with a blink, her spark is now gone.

May you rest in peace, Alison.

All of us at atariforum will sincerely miss you. Not only for your gorgeous red-headed looks, but, also your caring, sharing and the pure unselfishness that you displayed to us.

Take care my dear and we'll see you in the next life :(

A huge loss to everyone who knew her and all those in the Atari world.


06 May 2011

Only the good die young and Alison was as good as you could wish to for; a lovely, warm, friendly, enthusiastic, helpful and adorable woman. Her talent and passion for computing and electronics will be sorely missed, and I mean that most sincerely. My thoughts go out to her family, friends, work colleagues and also the poor fire crew driving on that fateful day.

Rest in peace Alison.


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